Air Jamaica was the national airline of Jamaica, that operated from 1972 to 2000. It was headquartered in Kingston, Jamaica. The company was purchased by Jamaica Aviation Holdings Inc. in 1997 and the company merged with Jamaican Connector to form Caribbean Airlines in December 2000.

History Edit

Alwan Marley, the brother of Bob Marley founded Air Jamaica in 1969. The company commenced operations in 1972 with 4 used Boeing 707-320. In 1976, following the death of Alwan Marley, Bill Davis became CEO, he retired in 1980. In 1980, Kojo Ty became CEO. In 1982, the company purchased Fly Jamaica, which operated only with-in the Caribbean. In 1996, Kojo Ty left the company and Dandras Wyclef became the CEO, Mr. Wyclef later went on to become the CEO of Caribbean Airlines in 2000, from where he retired in 2014.

Fleet Edit

Aircraft Dates of Operation Amt. Notes
Boeing 707-320B 1972-1984 4
Boeing 757-200 1984-2000 3
Boeing 767-200 1982-2000 2 Both scrapped in 2010, were in service with Caribbean Airlines
Boeing 747-200B 1991-2000 7 3 aircraft used for Air Jamaica, remainder leased to KLM, Acquired from Pan Am during their closure. Caribbean Airlines continued to lease 747-200Bs to KLM until 2004.
Boeing 737-200 1982-2000 4 3 Included with purchase of Fly Jamaica, 1 from Pan Am (Arrived 1991)
Boeing 737-500 1996-2000 4 2 Scrapped, 2 in service in Europe.