Canada Airways was founded on January 2, 2005 by J. Francis Jamison as a low-cost, high-frills airline.

History Edit

J. Francis Jamison founded Canada Airways on January 2, 2005 and opened the airline on November 28, 2005. Jamison worked as the CEO and sole owner until 2007 when the airline was sold to International Airlines Group. Since 2007, the airline has been operating as a la carte airline airline.

A la Carte Services Edit

Canada Airways operates as an A La Carte airline, meaning that the only item included when you purchase your ticket is your seat, everything else including in-flight entertainment, in-flight service (meals, drinks, etc.), advance boarding, etc. is all extra.

Current Destinations Edit

Airport Staus
Vancouver Operating Hub
Toronto Operating
Hamilton Operating Hub
Kitchener Operating
Winnipeg Operating
Quebec City Operating
Montreal Operating
St. John Operating
Halifax Operating
Dublin Operating
London (Gatwick) Operating
Glasgow Operating
Luxembourg Operating
Amsterdam Operating
Paris (Orly) Operating
Saskatoon Operating
Berlin (Tegel) Operating
Calgary Operating
Edmonton Operating

Fleet Edit

Current Fleet Edit

Aircraft Amount Operated Passenger Capacity Notes Entered Service
Boeing 757-200 2 45BudgetPlus, 158Budget To be replaced by Boeing 737-900ER in January 2017 and May 2018 2005
Boeing 737-900ER 2 16 BudgetPlus, 156 Budget 2016
Boeing 787-8 2 44 BudgetPlus, 144Budget Replaced some 757-200s 2015
Boeing 737-600 1 18BudgetPlus, 101Budget To be replaced by Boeing 737-900ER in March 2017 2006
Boeing 767-300ER 2 28BudgetPlus, 189Budget 2010
Boeing 747-8i 2 112BudgetPlus, 262 Budget 2016

Planned Fleet Edit

Aircraft Amount To Be Ordered Passenger Capacity Notes Scheduled To Enter Into Service
Boeing 737-900ER 3 16BudgetPlus, 156Budget To replace Boeing 757-200 2017, 2018 (for 737-600 replacement in 2017)
Boeing 747-8 1 112BudgetPlus, 262Budget For use on long-haul or high-demand routes June 2017

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