Comox International Airport (IATA: YQQ) is an international airport serving Comox, BC.

Comox Airport




Runway Length 10000 feet
Terminals: 2 (1 no for civilian aircraft use)


Air traffic Edit

Comox serves mainly domestic destinations.  Siunair recently started operations to the airport to Mexico.  

Airlines and Destinations Edit

Terminal 1 Edit

Airline Destinations
Flying Pugs Quebec, 
Transavia (Ended all services June 2014) Fresno
Siunair Managua, Flores, San Andres Island, Roatan, Puerto Cabezas
Air Comox (Ended all services June 2014) Abbotsford, Nanaimo (Ended April 2014)
Second Look Havana

Terminal 2 Edit

Airline Destinations
Canadian Military Varies

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