International Tours Limited (ITL for short) is a London-based company offering tours all over the world that opened in 1976.

History Edit

International Tours Limited opened in 1976 at London Heathrow Airport after being founded in 1971, the company opened hotels in many different cities. International Tours Limited Airways is the companies airline.

International Tours Limited Airways Edit

History Edit

The airline's first flight from London Heathrow to Edinburgh departed from Heathrow airport on January 2, 1976.

Fleet Edit

Current Fleet Edit

Aircraft Amount Operated Cabins Notes
Boeing 757-200 6 Executive, Premium To be replaced by Boeing 737 MAX 9 starting in 2026.
Boeing 737-800 6 Executive, Premium
Boeing 787-8 4 Executive, Premium
Embraer ERJ145LR 2 Premium, Guest Guest cabin will not be removed, aircraft to be retired in 2017 and replaced by ATR 42.

Retired Fleet Edit

Aircraft Dates Operated Amount Operated Cabins Notes
Boeing 737-200 1976-2004 4 MainPlus, Main
Airbus A300-600 1983-2014 7 MainPlus, Main
Bombardier CRJ100 1993-2015 2 Config1-MainPlus


Douglas DC-9-51 1976-2014 1 MainPlus, Main

Rebranding Edit

Since 2015, the airline has been re-newing it's fleet and changing cabin names.

Cabins Edit

Executive (Known as MainPlus from 1976 to 2015) - The Executive cabin is aimed to be like a normal airline's business class cabin. This cabin is much like business class cabins on short-haul flights. Passengers in the cabin are offered seatback TV.

Premium (Started in 2015) - The premium cabin is aimed to be like a normal airline's premium economy. Passengers in the cabin are offered seatback TV.

Guest (Known as Main from 1976 to 2015) - The Guest cabin is aimed to be a budget cabin. Passengers in the cabin are offered overhead TV. With the retirement of the Embraer ERJ145LR is 2017, this cabin will be phased out.

In-Flight Service Edit

Passengers in the Executive cabin are offered complimentary 5-course meals. Passengers in other cabins are offered complimentary 3-course meals.

Incidents Edit

International Tours Limited Airways has been involved in 2 accidents, leading to 31 injuries, and 1 hull loss. On average, the airline has an accident every 19.5 years.

International Tours Ltd. Airways Flight ITA507 from London (LGR) to Islamabad (ISB) operating with XV-BTQ, an Boeing 707-120 on July 14, 1980 descended too fast and landed before the runway and catching on fire, 28 passengers and 3 crew members were injured, mainly by burns. The aircraft was scrapped.

International Tours Ltd. Airways Flight ITA184 from Paris (CDG) to London (LHR) operating with XV-BTZ, a Douglas DC-9-51 on May 24, 2012 returned to Paris (CDG) after a minor fire was discovered in the aft galley. The aircraft landed without accident. A cabin crew member later admitted to smoking and throwing the lit cigarette into the garbage. The aircraft was returned to service after minor repairs and the crew member was fired. International Tours Limited Hotels

History Edit

The first International Tours Limited Hotels opened on January 2, 1976 in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Current Hotels Edit

International Tours Limited operates many hotels. (Full List: International Tours Limited Hotels Locations)

Closed Hotels Edit

International Tours Limited has closed multiple locations, including:

Hotel Name Stars Reason for Closure Dates Operated
International Tower Islambad (Pakistan) 4 Closed after International Suites Islambad opened 1979-2011
International Inn Montreal Mirabel Airport (Canada) 3 Airport Closed 1979-2004
International Inn Denver Stapleton Airport (USA) 3 Airport Closed 1983-1995
International Inn Ellinikon Airport (Greece) 2 Airport Closed 1976-2001
International Suites Moscow (Russia) 4 Hotel Closed afer building unstable. 1976-2015
International Inn on the Don Valley (Canada) 2 Chain dropped the hotel afterbad reviews about management and cleanliness., continues to operate as The Don Valley Hotel. 1981-2016

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