Iranian Skies is the main airline of Iran.  Iranian Skies was the founding member of Skies Airlines, which included, Syrian Skies, USA Skies, Iranian Skies, and Canadian Skies.


Iranian GroundEdit

Iranian Ground was founded by Matthew Pierpoint, a Austraillian-born airline executive.  Iranian Ground handled ground services for Iranian Skies.


Aircraft # In Fleet Dates In Service Notes
Boeing 747-200 0 2009-2011 Replaced by 747-400
Boeing 727-200 3 2011-Present
Boeing 747-400 1 2012-Present
McDonnell Douglas DC-9-30 0 2009-2011 Replaced by 727-200
Fokker 100 4 2009-Present
Boeing 747-8i 2 TBA Dependent on whether or not deal goes through
Boeing 737-900ER 3 TBA Dependent on whether or not deal goes through

Historical Fleet Edit

1 Boeing 747-200 (2009-2011)

2 McDonnell Douglas DC9-30 (2009-2011)

1 Boeing 767-200ER (Operated between January 2015 and May 2015 during 747 maintenance)


From Tehran-Imam Airport (IKA):

  • Amsterdam
  • Baghdad
  • Tehran-Mehrabad
  • Kuwait
  • Damascus
  • Aleppo
  • Dubai
  • Beirut
  • Mumbai
  • Karachi
  • London-Heathrow



  • Farhad Abed


  • Izad Tehrani


  • Yasmin Gol (Executive)
  • Arni Larrsson (Marketing)


  • Vahid Aria


  • Mena Rahbar (Airport Services)
  • Turan Tir (In-Flight Services)
  • Goli Rajavi (Headquarters)


Comfort ClassEdit

Comfort class is Iranian Skies Economy Comfort.  This cabin still has economy seats, with more legroom and the middle seat is blocked off.  Comfort offers personal TV screens with movies and a flight tracker map.  Iranian Skies offers beverages and meals to Comfort on all flights over 2 hours.  

Traveller ClassEdit

Traveller class is Iranian Skies Economy.  The cabin features standard economy seats.  Traveller does not offer Personal TV screens.  Iranian Skies offers beverages to all Economy passengers on flights over 2 hours and meals on flights over 6 hours.  


Iranian Skies is the only airline who holds a One Star Rating on Skytrax due to lack of seat width, legroom, no meals or snacks, and 1 drink on a 5 hour 30 minute flight.  Passengers also complain that Comfort Class is just as bad as Traveller class but it has 2 inches more legroom.  Iranian Skies In-Flight Services director, Turan Tir, denies this and claims: Traveller class offers a generous 29 inches of legroom and seats 16.0 inches wide while Comfort class offers a very genrous 35 inches of legroom and seats 16.5 inches wide.    

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