Iraq Express was an Iraqi airline that operated from 2001 until 2015. The airline was acquired by Iraq Air Service in March 2015.

History Edit

Mohamed al-Bashir founded Iraq Express in 1999 and started the airline in 2001 with a used Boeing 717. Iraq Air Service acquired Iraq Express in March 2015.

Fleet Edit

The Iraq Express fleet consisted of aircraft with an average fleet age of over 10 years.

Aircraft # operated dates operated notes/remarks
Boeing 717-200 2 2001-2015 in-service with Iraq Air Service, operated 3 until 2003 after accident
Boeing 727-200adv 1 2001-2010 scrapped after accident
Boeing 737-200 2 2010-2015

Accidents & Incidents Edit

On October 17, 2003, Flight IE7534, a Boeing 717-200, from Baghdad to Cairo crashed into a hotel near the runway during landing at Cairo killing all 98 people on the plane and 5 in the hotel. Airline CEO al-Bashir said that the cause was pilot suicide. It remains believed the aircraft was not well maintained.

On July 2, 2010, Flight IE058, a Boeing 727-200adv, from Lahore to Baghdad had a reverse thruster deploy in-flight causing the plane to quickly descend and crash. All of the 148 occupants perished.

On January 28, 2015, Flight IE475, a Boeing 737-200 from Islambad to Baghdad skidded off the runway at Baghdad inuring 17 of the 68 passengers and a crew member.

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