Main FactsEdit


Official Logo of Kenya Airways.

Headquarters Jomo Kenyata Airport, Nairobi, Kenya

Primary Hub Jomo Kenyata Airport, Nairobi, Kenya

Secondary Hub Moi International Airport, Mombasa, Kenya

CEO Zuma

Fleet Size 1

Destinations 1 (Charter Flights only)

Alliance ~Wings of Asia~ CEO: Bendale

Kenya Airways is a Kenyan airline based in Nairobi, Kenya with the a Secondary Hub in Mombasa International Airport. The airline is headed by CEO Zuma, The airline currently operates 1 Boeing 737-700 and serves Charter Flights to Africa and Asia.



The only Boeing 737-700 operated by Kenya Airways.

As of January, 2009 Kenya Airways operates 1 Boeing 737-700. With a Possible order for more in the next months to come.

Links: ~Wings of Asia~.

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