Loew's Corporation dba. Loew's Airways & Travel is an airline and hotel operator. It operates the Loew's chain of hotels and Loew's Airways.

Loew's Airways Edit

Loew's Airways started flying on January 1, 2000. The airline flies all-guest (The airline's name for Economy) configuration planes.

Fleet Edit

Aircraft # in fleet Dates operated Notes
Boeing 737-300 8 January 1, 2000-Present
Boeing 737-600 2 March 1, 2001-Present
Boeing 737-400 2 January 1, 2000-Present

Destinations Edit

Airport Status
Quebec City PS
Montreal PS
Montreal-Mirabel T (August 26,2002)
Toronto PS
Vancouver PS
Detroit T (January 1, 2010)

Status Types - PS - Presently Served PD - Planned Destination T - Terminatedl

Loew's Hotels Edit

Hotel List Edit

240px-Leconcorde quebec

Loew's Le Concorde Quebec City

City Hotel Name
Quebec City Loew's Le Concorde
Montreal Loew's Le Chateau aeroport Montreal
Montreal (Mirabel) Loew's Chateau Mirabel (Closed August 26, 2002)
Toronto Loew's Pearson Hotel
Vancouver Loew's Sea Island Hotel
Alf3044ex.62600 ub

Loew's Le Chateau aeroport Montreal

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