Soviet Air Charters began operating on October 4, 1945, the founder was Boris Lavrov. The airline ceased operations in 2001.

Fleet Edit

Fleet in 2001: Edit

Aircraft # operated Date Entered Service Passengers Notes/Remarks
Cessna 172 5 1990 3
Cessna 170 1 1949 3 Oldest plane operated by an airline
Fairchild Metroliner 2 1998 19
Cessna 206 1 1999 5
Cessna 205 2 1964 3
Tupolev TU-134 2 1981 72
Cessna 404 1 1976 10
Antonov AN-2 1 1992 12

Criticism Edit

Incidents & Accidents Edit

On August 17, 1946, a Cessna 120 operating a flight between Vnukovo Airport to Bykovo Airport went off the runway on landing and hit an Aeroflot Douglas DC-3 waiting to take-off. The pilot and the passenger on the Cessna 120 were killed. There were injuries on the Aeroflot DC-3.

On May 2, 1958, a Cessna 170 operating a flight between Belgorod Airport to Voronezh Airport crashed 3 minutes after take-off from Belgorod Airport after the pilot suffered a fatal heart attack. Of the 2 passengers, 1 survived.

On March 3, 1973, TransPolar Flight 2, a Boeing 707-320b hit a Soviet Air Charters Cessna 170 operating a sightseeing flight. The Cessna 170 was operating at 12 500 feet to allow DC-3 traffic to pass below, while the TransPolar 707 was descending due to a possible altitude indicator failure. The TransPolar 707 didn't have proper clearance to descend. All of the 3 people on the Cessna 170 were killed.

On December 25, 1982, a Tupolev TU-134 operating a flight between Sheremetyevo Airport to Pulkovo Airport as Flight 3498 crashed in a heavily forested area. The cause of the fire remains unknown. 38 of the 76 occupants survived.

On November 29, 1998, a Cessna 404 operating a sightseeing flight from Domodedovo Airport over Moscow. The flight was scheduled to last 1 hour and 30 minutes. The plane took off with 10 passengers and 2 crew members. 9 of the 10 passengers were employees of JK Bradley Photography, a large photography company in London who were flying the flight to take picture. The other passenger was Vladimir Glebov, an off-duty with Soviet Air Charters. The plane crashed soon after take-off. The weight limit was exceeded with the full load of passengers and their photography equipment and suitcases.

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