TAM StarAlliance topo

TAM is a small Arab airline with a main hub in Abu Dhabi (Dubai) and we are member of ~Wings Of Asia~.

Our Routs Are:

Dubai --------- Kwuait

Dubai -------- Doha

Dubai -------- Bombaim

Dubai -------- Riyadh

We have a small fleet of regional aircraft, because they are cheap in cost and comfortable.

Aircraft Model ------------------ Age ------- Main Route ---------- Secondary Route

ATR-72 ------------------------ 0.1 -------- AUH ------- RUH ------------- AUH ----- DOH

ATR- 42 ----------------------- 0.1 ------- AUH ------ KWI ----------------- AUH ----- DOH

EMB -ERJ-190 ----------------- 0.1 ------- AUH ----- BOM


In the future we intend to expand our routes to Europe and China with an Airbus 318.

Future Routes (Project)

Dubai ----- London

Dubai ----- Paris

Dubai ------- Rome

Dubai ------- Hong Kong

Hong Kong ----- Peking (Beijing)

And Others

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