Trans-Polar Airways of Sweden opened in 1971. The founder was Tom Rhodes and the current CEO is Benji Marks.

Fleet Edit

Aircraft Amount Operated Dates Operated Notes
Boeing 707-320B 2 1971-1992 1 Scrapped; 1 Preserved
Boeing 757-300 2 1992-2014 Scrapped
Boeing 737-900ER 2 2015-present
Boeing 737-100 1 1971-1986 Scrapped
Boeing 737-300 1 1986-2004 Scrapped
Boeing 737-700 1 2004-present

Destinations Edit


Incidents & Accidents Edit

TransPolar Flight 2 on March 3, 1973, from Stockholm to Beijing suffered serious damage over Russia, after it hit a Cessna 170 operated by Soviet Air Charters. The 707 was replaced by another 707. 46 passengers and crew were injured. All of the 3 people on the Cessna 170 were killed.

TransPolar Flight 139 operated onbehalf of Air Greenland from Stockholm to Kangerlussuaq on August 2, 2004 on a Boeing 737-300 with 106 people onboard suffered a birdstrike after take-off from Stockholm. The aircraft landed less than 100 meters ahead of the runway. 7 passengers and crew members were injured. The aircraft was written off and replaced with a Boeing 737-700.

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