ZipTo Group is an international airline management company.

History Edit

J. Don Zadigani founded The ZipTo Group in Florence, Italy in 1937 with the founding of Meridiana Fly. J. Don Zadigani died in 1952 and the company became his son's, Marco Zadigani. In 1991, Marco Zadigani died and his son Silvano Zadigani became the CEO. Mr. Zadigani stepped down in 2011 and his daughter, Donata Cassano became the CEO.

Airlines Edit

Since 1937, ZipTo Group has operated numerous airlines.

Current Airlines Edit

Airline Name Base Airport/City Date of Foundation/Date of Closure Fleet Size Notes
Meridiana Fly Florence International Airport 1937 34
Italy Airlines Milan-Malpensa Airport 1988 9 Founded as Subsidiary of Meridiana Fly, low-cost division
UKexpress Airlines London City Airport 2004 2
Eurowings London Stansted Airport 1998 23
Shetland Air Sumburgh Airport 2001 3
ZipToFrance Paris Orly Airport (1937-1974)

Paris CDG Airport (1974-Current)

1937 8 To merge with Zip! Airlines in 2016
ZipToRussia Moscow Airport 1978 4 To merge with Zip! Airlines in 2016
ZipToIsrael Ben Gurion Airport 1991 11 To merge with Zip! Airlines n 2016
ZipToChina Kai Tak Airport (1994-1998)

Hong Kong Airport (1998-Current)

1994 3 To merge with Zip! Airlines in 2016
Fritzroy Airlines Orlando Airport (1995-2011)

Orlando Sanford Airport (2011-Present)

1995 1 To merge with Zip! Airlines in 2016
Zip! Airlines New York John. F. Kennedy. International Airport 2015 9 27 aircraft on order

Former Airlines Edit

Fleet Size is the size at closure.

Airline Name Base Airport/City Date of Foundation/Date of Clos\=ure Fleet Size Notes
Stride Airlines Las Vegas McCaren 1997/2002 4
ZipTo Airways Orlando International Airport 1952/2004 14 All aircraft but one transferred to Airamerica.
Airamerica Boston Logan International Airport 2004/2015 9 Merged into Zip! Airlines
Italian Airlines Leonarrdo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport 1963/1999 8

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